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Our Philosophy

“Every child has the right to grow and learn in a favorable environment.”


At Dolphin Tale Child Care our philosophy is to provide a high quality child-initiated program which is stimulating, safe and secure.  We strive to afford each child a developmentally appropriate environment while instilling social values and support, as well as structure and limits.  This is a place where children can learn physical and social skills in order to develop at their own pace both intellectually and emotionally.




Each child at Dolphin Tale Child Care is provided every opportunity for individual development through learning activities which focus on creative expression, self-help and problem solving skills, socialization, and self-awareness.  We offer a multi-cultural environment where children are taught the importance of accepting, understanding and learning about cultures and customs which may be different from those in their home environment.



Dolphin Tale is committed to offering safe, loving and supportive care centres that cater to the individual needs of each child and their respective families.

Our Mission



Our Value

Our value is respecting children for who they are now as well as recognizing and nurturing their potential.  Dolphin Tale has a deep commitment to, and understanding of, the importance of the parent/child relationship and maintaining a caring and responsible value system. We also value and welcome opportunities for community collaboration and partnership.


Staffs are hired that have positive and sensitive attitude towards children. Non-discriminatory hiring practices are supported in order to give individuals of all racial and religious backgrounds the opportunity for employment.

Every staff is carefully screened and must provide the following:


  • a negative Police Records Check for Service with the Vulnerable Sector

  • a current CPR and First Aid certification.

  • a satisfactory Health Assessment from a medical practitioner

  • a record of up to date immunization

  • three references from non-related individuals


Every classroom is headed by a teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education (RECE).


Support staffs have either formal training in early childhood education or equivalent training and experience.


The staffs works together as a team to create a safe and secure early learning experience which will promote the physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth of each child.

Parents and family are always welcome and included in child’s development through our program.

Parent’s work together with the staff to set goals for their child and family development and well been.  We realize that a child’s family is the most important influence on him/her; therefore we encourage constant open communication between parents and staff.  

Parents are always greatly encouraged to share all their ideas and opinions, as well as being able to voice their opinion in program decisions.


Together, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead!



Our programs are designed to meet the needs of each child, and our staff work hard to create a program that is stimulating and develops skills needed based on the ELECT learning program. We focus on certain domains each week, creating activities to reach goals put in place. While children in attendance are having fun with their peers, and engaging in our programmed activities, they are having fun too!


Our programs focus on the following areas, both inside and outside: social and emotional, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and creative. We plan our activities around these domains, creating a stimulating and fun environment for your child(ren).


Communication is key, and we implement positive communication with the children, with the parents and amongst all staff. Communication logs are kept in each program to make sure we are understanding all requests, idea’s, concerns, or any other additional information that may be provided to meet the needs of your child(ren).



We offer a nutritious fresh hot lunch and two snacks per day according to the Canadian Food Guide. In order to offer a wide variety of meals, the menus are on a weekly rotation.




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